10.05.2014: DollCon, over but not forgotten! Wow, my heart is filled with such joy, and never in my wildest dreams did I imagine that the event would be as hugely successful as it was. Thank you to everyone for your enthusiasm and support. Much gratitude and love, T-Vyrus

09.14.2014: Hello United Kingdom! Forbidden will begin airing in the UK on September 30th at 10pm and run for 12-weeks

08.10.2014: Issue #0026 is now available - enjoy!

02.15.2014: Hello Portugal! Forbidden just began airing in the Portuguese Republic, and my thanks to all of you who have sought us out and taken the time to say hello.

02.09.2014: The winter edition is now available - and look for T-Vyrus on the Trisha Goddard Show (left), which airs on the NBC Universal network, Feb. 11th.

09.09.2013: New distribution of Forbidden just announced. Look for us on the Discovery and Learning Channels in the Netherlands, Brazil, Sao Paulo, Argentina, Venezuela, Australia, New Zealand, Africa, Mexico, Central Europe, Romania, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Taiwan, Russia, Ukraine, India, Tamil, China, Malaysia, Philippines, SE Asia and Japan. Hugs, T-Vyrus

08.01.2013: Hello Poland!

On February 8th and 9th, 2013, I was visited by a film crew from Australia, for the purpose of creating a short Discovery Channel documentary about my lifestyle choices - and my work on Hot Girls Magazine.

Titled Forbidden, the show begins airing in Poland, August 2013. Hot Girls Magazine, T-Vyrus, Gaelle Lagelle, FemSkin and others are featured, and as I know other distribution dates and locations I will share them here.

Hugs and love,


07.23.2013: Lately we've been discussing transgender topics a bit more; well, perhaps we always have, but I think it was my interview with Barbi Satin that really brought this into the forefront of my mind. If the subjects help...if, in their own way they contribute to fostering greater acceptance, then I am sincerely grateful for it.

Keep a glad heart,


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12.26.2009: Dear Rubberists, Mistresses, Living Dolls, Rubberdolls, Trannys, CDs, Female Maskers, Fashionistas, Artists, GGs, TGs, Drag Queens, Doms, Subs, Ponys, Cyborgs, Furrys, Kigs, Zentaists, Friends and others:

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Play nice, and stay beautiful,


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